COVID-19 Prevention

During these days of confusion and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Rough Magic Creations want to assure you that we are taking any and all precautions necessary to keep our customers safe from this virus.
  1. All our products are designed and crafted in a clean and inviolate studio, by well washed hands. We have been in total self-isolation within our home and our attached workshop/studio since March 11, although no one here has shown, or is showing, symptoms of illness of any kind.
  2. All shipments, incoming and outgoing, are delivered to and picked up from an open-air facility, and we never come into personal contact with those who drop off or take away packages.
  3. When we receive a delivery ( jewelry supplies, office supplies, etc.), we don masks and thoroughly sanitize the packaging before bringing it indoors to be opened. After washing our hands, we allow all contents to "air" for several days prior to handling.
  4. Prior to packing your purchases in new, never used boxes or mailers, we wash our hands to ensure that all outgoing packages are clean and sanitary when they leave our shop.
  5. Please bear in mind that, as soon as a package is picked up for mailing, the handling is completely beyond our control, and many hands may touch your package before it reaches you. While we are aware that there is some controversy over the need to cleanse incoming packages, we take this precaution and strongly advise that you follow the same procedure we describe above.
  6. We do not advise attempting to cleanse your newly arrived jewelry yourself, as some components may be irreparably damaged by cleaning agents. If you are concerned that an item may not be safe, please let it "air" for several days prior to handling or wearing it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope that everyone will stay safe and healthy during these troubling times, and afterward as well.